Tips & Tricks of Subnautica

Greg Burn


Tips & Tricks of Subnautica

Subnautica is a survival game developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It is a game where the player is stranded on an alien ocean on the bottom of the sea. This game has a lot of different ways to be played, from exploration, to hunting, to farming, and more. It also has a lot of different ways to explore the ocean, from flying, to swimming, to building and more. This game has a lot of different ways to explore the ocean. The game also has a lot of different types of weapons that the player can use, from melee weapons to guns with different ammo types. This game has a lot of different ways to explore and weapon types.

1. Farming and Crops

You should get your hands on edible plants as soon as possible. The longer you play, the more tedious and boring it becomes to hunt fish for food. Creating a small plant farm should save you a lot of effort and free your time for more important in-game activities. You can also grow other plants that don't give food but are useful for production, such as Oil Plant.

2. Remodeling your Shelter

You can easily improve your shelter by adding more rooms, stairs, or windows. If you build a shelter on the bottom of the ocean, you will be able to use your own submarine to explore the ocean. Also, always check your surroundings when deciding to build a base. If you build your base near a place inhabited by large predators, they might constantly disturb you and harm your base, which can be annoying.

3. Remembering your Assets

As the game progresses, you might find that your inventory is getting cluttered and filled with items you don't need anymore. This is a good time to use your assets to create a new item. Also, the game provides you with a couple of storage crafting recipes, so you might use them as well.

4. Submarine

The submarine is a very useful tool in the game. You will be able to explore the ocean much further and more efficiently. Also, the game allows you to install all kinds of things inside the submarine, the only condition for them is to fit in, so if you put in enough effort, you can essentially turn your submarine into a mobile base, which is incredibly convenient.

5. Don't get ahead of yourself

Although it is a game about exploration, you shouldn't get too deep without proper equipment, there is a water pressure mechanic in the game, which means if you go too deep without any vehicle or armor protecting you from pressure, you will essentially turn into a pancake. Also, some biomes are inhabited with well-protected and fast predators that will be able to swallow you in no time.

Sea Masterpiece

Subnautica is a flexible and interesting game for all ages with a large variety of aspects. Using these tips should greatly improve your gaming experience and make this game look like no other so you will want to return to it again and again.