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October 14, 2020



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Oil Well Drilling

Oil Well Drilling is a simulator that offers you to dig the hole in the land and find treasures. The Oil Well Drilling game was created by Zynga Inc. It was released in 2019. You can download Oil Well Drilling on your Android or iOS mobile platforms.


Oil Well Drilling APK is simple and atmospheric. Yet, it does not have well-developed graphics. You see different layers of ground with some rocks inside and the oil beneath. The instruments are not realistic and can be easily mixed with each other. The gems are not that outstanding. We still add the points to the Oil Well Drilling latest version graphics due to the unique approach. There are not many games about oil drilling available for free. Yet, developers could do a better job with it.


The first thing that must be mentioned in the Oil Well Drilling review is that this game is a simulator of oil drilling. You receive all materials to dig deeper into the ground and find the oil. The Oil Well Drilling gameplay is based on the real process of drilling and searching for oil. You can upgrade the process once you earn rewards and scores. Oil Well Drilling game offers to explore the layers you dig through. By opening new mines you earn more money and get rich. The main features of the Oil Well Drilling Android game:

  • During your search you can change the speed, cooling, and take the fuel under control;
  • You receive the gold and gems any time you achieve positive results in Oil Well Drilling free game;
  • The physics in the Oil Well Drilling full game is highly realistic;
  • You can run a drilling machine while you are busy with your own tasks;
  • Players can power up their machines to open new mines and dig even faster;
  • The more you dig, the more bonuses you receive with abilities to update your tools.

Replay Value

There are over 100 levels in the Oil Well Drilling free game. It will take you some time to finish it. However, the major problem of the Oil Well Drilling game is still the fact that there is no other activity except for drilling. Although you can update drilling instruments, you still will have to do one thing that is to drill the ground. Once you reach the oil you can open another mine and drill the ground some more. After some time you will get tired from repetitive actions.


Controls in Oil Well Drilling iOS and Android game are not complicated at all. All you need to do is to tap and start drilling. You will have to wait a lot until you will reach the oil. The interface looks clear and understandable. Players can see how much time is left until they reach the oil. Yet, each drilling in the Oil Well Drilling free-to-play game is followed by ads. Since the game is free there are too many ads stuffed inside. Ads may appear in the middle of the game.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Unique task
  • Educational process
  • Free of charge


  • Extremely low replay value

Learn How to Get the Oil

The Oil Well Drilling game is simple and can be played without any age limits. You will quickly learn what to do even if it is your first game. The interface is crystal clear and user-friendly. Meanwhile, the main problem is that your actions will be repetitive. You will have to drill the land to get to the oil. After some time it may be a little bit boring. The game is free of charge and contains numerous ads that appear more often than expected. After you download Oil Well Drilling, you can learn how to drill oil and become rich.

Oil Well Drilling

4 / 5

Oil Well Drilling Logo
Author: Rollic Games
Latest Version: 3.2.1
Publish Date: October 14, 2020
Size: 49M

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